Raising Warriors

Peyton Manning Speaks About Faith

January 21, 2014

In my previous post Faith, Family, Football and Home ~ House Design and “The Book of Manning, I talk about football’s first family and the amazing documentary The Book of Manning.  Now, following the greatest statistical regular season at the quarterback position in the 94-year history of the NFL,Peyton is leading his team to the Superbowl. […]

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My Stint on MomLife TV

August 17, 2013

I was recently invited to be interviewed for MomLife TV. It was a great experience and Tracey Eyster (the incredible lady who I have made my new mentor mom, she does not know that yet) was gracious, kind, and so wise. I have been blessed with some wonderful women in my life to guide me […]

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Advice for New Mama Kate

July 23, 2013

I have seen so many articles today giving Kate and William parenting advice. I am not qualified to tell her what to do, I struggle along this path of motherhood daily. It is the hardest, yet most fulfilling job I have ever had. Some days I want to quit. Some days I look at our […]

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Littlest Buckaroo Learning to Tebow

May 2, 2013

Littlest Buckaroo has decided that he is 50/50 on his future career choice these days, he has been struggling with it, but I told him he has a while to choose, he is 7. Force Recon Marine or NFL player? These days you do not see him without a football in his hand. He wants […]

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A Mardi Gras Flashback ~Throw Me Somthing Mister

February 10, 2013
King Cake, New Orleans, Mardi Gras

The parades are in full swing, people are getting all decked out for the balls, and I am not in New Orleans. So, to make myself feel better, I am going to make us some gumbo and a King Cake today and throw beads at the boys. In honor of Carnival Season, a look back […]

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Memories Need Documenting

January 30, 2013
living room fort

One of my brothers, Andrew, (yep, I have 5) told his wife Andrea when they first met that he never had a birthday cake growing up. Now, this could not be further from the truth. He always had a birthday cake from a wonderful little family owned bakery in our Mississippi town, Pollman’s Bakery. My […]

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Family Fiddle for the Next Generation

December 13, 2012

Some of the things/possessions that I love the most are those that I have from my grandparents home. I love the shared history of them and the memories that make me smile when I see them in my home. So, when Big Buckaroo’s Uncle Tommy found out that Little Buckaroo was playing the fiddle, he […]

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I Think I Am Becoming A Stage Mom

October 28, 2012

As I sat down and looked at pictures from our week on my camera, the majority of them involved music and our kiddos. The extraordinary 14-year-old fiddle sensation friend of ours,Clancey, had a show in town this past week and invited the boys to come play a song. Then, we went to the Governor’s Mansion […]

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Not Exactly Model Material

October 5, 2012

There is a new mural in the Kid’s Garden at our park. My friend Jeanette, who is the craft director here,  asked me if I would bring the boys up and take a picture of them on a “Huck Finn style” raft in the garden for her newsletter. Sounds easy enough, right? I ASKED the […]

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Thank You Mr. Army Man

September 28, 2012

Dear Army Man at Walmart: I am in awe of the sacrifice you and your fellow soldiers make so that I can take our kids to the county fair, gather with other families for BBQs, watch our kids play soccer, homeschool them in a country that allows me to be their teacher, to have Bibles all throughout our home, and so […]

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