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Stephanie Buckley, known as The Park Wife in the social media world, is the founder of The Women Bloggers LLC, a community designed to gather, grow, and connect bloggers/influencers which has now become a successful talent agency for these influencers.

These bloggers have become the trusted sources for online information in their states because of their ability to engage an audience using  social media, vlogging, blogging, or all of the above. They are able to authentically blend marketing campaigns with their own stories, weaving great content, product messages, and storytelling.

She holds Megaphone Summit (formerly Arkansas Women Bloggers University) annually, submerging influencers and brands in an environment that fosters relationships, communication and some pretty fierce dedication and camaraderie.


Wife to a man of true integrity, mom to two extraordinary buckaroos. I live on a state park, wondering everyday how I got here, but loving every minute of it. Welcome to my world… it’s just a walk in the park.

  • Born: Mississippi, a sweet magnolia from the magnolia state. And, a steel magnolia when need-be.
  • Raised: 5th Generation Meridianite, until I bolted for college. Great place to be from, a place where your bosoms can be fake, your smile can be fake, and your hair color fake, but your pearls and silver must always be real.
  • Lineage: Mississippi-bred Southern Belle who knows what “Bless Your Heart” really means.
  • Educated: University of Southern Mississippi, B.A. in Journalism, emphasis Public Relations, Minor: Spanish (I really wish I would have paid more attention to that now)
  • Hubs: The extraordinary park ranger, who really is not a park ranger, he is a park superintendent, but, he wears a brown uniform and sometimes a gun, in a holster, and a bullet proof vest. These senior tour bus groups can be a gnarly bunch.
  • Responsible for: Saving the world, well, not really my Jesus already did that, but He has given me two little guys who I am charged with raising to be warriors that seek the face and heart of God, as they learn to wield a sword and conquer the ugly in this grand adventure called life.
  • Day job: Wife, mom, talent agency owner, freelance writer, and maker of cool things out of refrigerator boxes.
  • Blog(s): I am known as The Park Wife in the web world, of course, that is not my real name, I just pretend it is. It’s fun, and a little crazy. Yep, that about sums me up. I started blogging in 2007 as a way to express my inner writer and connect with… I really had no idea. I liked getting comments. Plus, The Pioneer Woman had a blog, I thought it was cool… badah-boom-badah-bing…The Park Wife. Then, I founded Arkansas Women Bloggers! Sweet mercy, love my bloggy gals. Now, it is over TEN years later and a lot of amazing has happened.
  • Dream vacation: Small Italian village where I can grow a garden and have an 80-year-old Italian woman teach me all she knows about cooking and life.
  • On the Instagram and the Twitter: @theparkwife

The Park Wife has been seen:

  momlife    nbc New-York-Times-Logo

Social Media Speaker:

  • Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged
  • University of Arkansas Division of Ag
  • Arkansas Farm Bureau
  • Arkansas Farmer’s Market Association
  • Arkansas Agritourism Conference
  • Arkansas Homeschool Conference
  • Arkansas Public Relations Society of America
  • Little Rock Rotary

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