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Wife to a man of true integrity, mom to two extraordinary buckaroos. I live on a state park, wondering everyday how I got here, but loving every minute of it. Welcome to my world, it’s just a walk in the park.

  • Born: Mississippi, a sweet magnolia from the magnolia state. And, a steel magnolia when need-be.
  • Raised: 5th Generation Meridianite, until I bolted for college. Great place to be from, a place where your bosoms can be fake, your smile can be fake, and your hair color fake, but your pearls and silver must always be real.
  • Lineage: Mississippi-bred Southern Belle who knows what “Bless Your Heart” really means. 
  • Educated: University of Southern Mississippi, B.A. in Journalism, emphasis Public Relations, Minor: Spanish (I really wish I would have paid more attention to that now)
  • Hubs: The extraordinary park ranger, who really is not a park ranger, he is a park superintendent, but, he wears a brown uniform and sometimes a gun, in a holster, and a bullet proof vest. These senior tour bus groups can be a gnarly bunch.
  • Responsible for: Saving the world, well, not really my Jesus already did that, but He has given me two little guys who I am charged with raising to be warriors that seek the face and heart of God, as they learn to wield a sword and conquer the ugly in this grand adventure called life.
  • Day job: Wife, homeschool mom, small farmer, city council member, farmers’ market manager, freelance writer, and maker of cool things out of refrigerator boxes.
  • Blog(s): I am known as The Park Wife in the web world, of course, that is not my real name, I just pretend it is. It’s fun, and a little crazy. Yep, that about sums me up. I started blogging in 2007 as a way to express my inner writer and connect with… I really had no idea. I liked getting comments. Plus, The Pioneer Woman had a blog, I thought it was cool… badah-boom-badah-bing…The Park Wife. Then, I founded Arkansas Women Bloggers! Sweet mercy, love my bloggy gals.
  • Other passions: Did I mention that I am married to a HOT park ranger? There’s my passion girls.
  • Favorite author/books: List of books on my desk right now: The Help, Local Flavors by Deborah Madison, The Penguin Complete Novels of Jane Austen, Crazy Love, The Encyclopedia of Country Living, Janet Evanovich How I Write,  and The Pioneer Woman Black Heels to Tractor Wheels and her cookbook that she signed for me to give away on this blog soon!!!
  • Favorite blogs: The Pioneer Woman (of course) BooMama (because I went to high school with her and she is a genuine, beautiful soul), Eat2Gather (my soul sistah), and blogs of my fellow ARWB gals.
  • Dream vacation: Small Italian village where I can grow a garden and have an 80-year-old Italian woman teach me all she knows about cooking and life.
  • On the Twitter: @theparkwife
  • Where else to find me: At the Farmers’ Market, oh the virtual world, I love me some Pinterest, and can not give up my Facebook addiction (I have tried…repeatedly).

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