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A Visit to Moss Mountain Farm ~ the Kitchens

I had a wonderful time at P. Allen Smith’s Moss Mountain Farm recently for the annual Garden2Blog adventure. I have been several times to this gardener’s mecca and I see something new and inspiring every time. Allen and his team are amazing (stay tuned for the posting of a video they shot while I was there, seriously, there were cartwheels).

kitchenAllenEnd of the day, Allen and I were worn out, but still smiling.

The Garden Home is styled after 19th Century American farmstead and may look old, but it’s not. Allen combined the romance of the period into a modern structure of sustainable design. The home is energy-efficient and incorporates such elements as a cistern for water collection, wall insulation made from soy and old blue jeans and using the sun to preheat water through a network of tubing.

There is so much to show you, but today, let’s talk about his kitchens. Yes, that is plural.

First, the one in the house:


 One day Viking Stove, one day!


This represents the whole kitchen to me ~  light-filled, white-on-white, marble, pale greens ~ bringing the outdoors in.



 I might, just might, enjoy doing dishes in this sink.



I asked Allen if I could look in his freezer. He pulled  out some of last years asparagus from the garden, love talking fresh food.  Allen is always such a good sport, well, there was that one time he had to yell for me to hurry up across the whole farm. He still loves me even though I lolly gag.


The lights, superb. Allen films in this kitchen, so lighting is important, and of course, so elegant.

kitchenoutdoorThis is the Summer Kitchen.


Inside the Summer Kitchen
This photo courtesy of P. Allen Smith (there was A LOT of cooking happening in there while I was there).


 I was enamored with all the LeCreuset.

Now, check out this video from my time at Allen’s last week.  For all of you who ask me about Allen, watch this.  He is a Southern gentleman with a heart to gold and is so fun and funny.

More to come, I have a ton on pictures. And, I will be back in June, I think I will challenge Allen to a Cartwheel-off!


  1. Amanda says:

    Lol!!! Cute video! I enjoyed my trip there today! Loved the kitchens as well…. Maybe next time he will let my climb the big tree in his yard! Fun

  2. So, last night I was sitting on Heather’s couch (heathersdish), and we watched this PAllen episode together all about his garden! She told me all about how wonderful you are, and I just had to stop by and check out your blog 🙂

    Your new blog friend,
    Christina 🙂

    • The Park Wife says:

      Oh, I adore Heather. She told me you were soming to her house. So glad to be new blog friends!

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