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Harry Connick Jr. ~ Why I am Loving Me Some American Idol

Thank you Harry Connick Jr. for posting this blog post on your Facebook page and WELCOME to all of Harry and American Idol’s fans who have flocked to The Park Wife to read this.

American Idol hiring Harry Connick Jr. was the best decision they ever made.  I have seen the headlines, read a few of the stories, and yes, Harry is saving the day.
Best. Move. Ever. I am loving some AI!HCJ#1

We do not do a whole lot of prime time t.v. around here, so much of what is on now in the evening is completely inappropriate for our little guys ears.  I watched a bit of AI back in the first years , but never got to the point that I had to watch it or DVR it, if there had been DVR back then. I am old school, I would have been rocking the VCR.

But, when I heard Harry would be on, I had to give it a chance. And, oh Harry, you have swooped in and saved the day. As a gal who went to college an hour and a half from New Orleans, I was blessed to attend several of his concerts. If you ever attend a concert of his, he will not only tickle the ivories, but he plays the drums, saxophone, organ, trombone, and pretty much anything else that makes music. And, he dances….AHHHHMAZING!

He’s not just funny and charming, but he really knows what he’s talking about. The man knows music, oh my, when he talks pervasiveness of the pentatonic scale and how some singers rely too heavily on those five notes, I gloss over a  little like JLo (well, except that she is GORGEOUS, really how can someone be that pretty?). Our little fiddler buckaroo had  to explain to me what he is talking about.

Harry refuses to just pat the children on the back and tell them they were awesome when they could have done better. In one episode he uttered this little gem – “I like the concept of ‘Diamond in the rough,” he told a singer, “but I think there was a little too much rough.” No participant trophies happening at Harry’s house.

And, thank you for telling the teeny bopper that the seductive lyric song was completely inappropriate for her to sing. Sweet mercy! Oh, and some of those 15 year-old girls do NOT look like I did when I was 15.

Then, there are the AI tears, mine. Big Buckaroo walked through the room last night and asked if I was alright because I had tears running down my face. Seriously, I love how AI has focused on the good and told the stories in such an encouraging light. Kumbaya people. The mamas and papas, uh-huh, when those kiddos run out with those golden tickets and their parents are there to hug them and celebrate, waterworks people.

I am so thankful they are not putting the dumb tryouts up there. They are not focusing on the really bad auditions, nor going out of their way to mock people the show feels are too stupid, too fat, or too cray-cray to consider their feelings. Well, there was the one when the guy came in with shorts, suspenders and no shirt. Believe me, it was not a good look. If you are not 2 years-old with plaid overalls without a shirt or a fireman posing for a calendar, do not attempt this fashion statement. Mamas, please teach your boys this. I do love (yes, another Harry swoon) how Harry told him that he disrespected the process and to leave.

What do I love most about Harry Connick Jr.?   He cherishes his wife (yes, she was a Victoria’s Secret model) and three daughters. And that, my friends, is way more important than being a judge on American Idol.

I will be watching AI this season. Are you?
The Park Wife


  1. Darlene says:

    I’m totally watching it for Harry. He’s kind and honest. Those people need to be loved enough for someone to tell them the truth. He knows his stuff, yo! He’s funny and playful and smart. Being so good looking doesn’t hurt either.

  2. Whitney C says:

    I refused to watch American Idol last season because of the judges. I like Keith Urban but I could not stand for Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj….mindless babble and drama is all they brought to the show. I’ve loved Harry Connick Jr forever and have been listening to his music a long time. He is a breath of fresh air to a stale show….bravo Mr Connick I’m sure AI will rise high again because of you.

  3. veronica says:

    Harry is the reason I am watching this season as well. I have never watched AI before. Clips of Simon and the other judges made me sad for society and the parade of laughable acts seemed overly cruel.

    Harry is amazing. My husband and I have seen him three times in concert and I couldn’t agree more. He is entertaining, clever, gifted and his affection and respect for the musicians he surrounds himself with is evident in his introductions and the way he shares the spotlight.

  4. Anna Leighton says:

    You bet I am a die hard AI fan .Love all the judges and you are correct harry may well save this great show.Keith is awesome and J.Lo is nice .

  5. Kim says:

    Without a doubt, Harry is saving American Idol. It’s been years since I’ve looked forward to it coming on. I can’t even wait to watch it on DVR so I can skip the commercials because I can’t wait to watch Harry. Hilarious, intelligent, and oh-so-easy on the eyes. 🙂

  6. Gerard says:

    By far, the best judges of any season. Always liked Keith and JLo but Harry is the icing on the cake. I think they are fantastic

  7. Juanita Sprowls says:

    I NEVER watched AI at all last year . Couldn`t stand the judges. This season BEST ever!!!!!! The three judges now are simply AWESOME and I LOVE them. Harry is Terrific JLO Wonderful and Keith is Good and I don`t like country music. But he judges fair and seems to enjoy the people. I WILL diffently be watching the whole season, because of the choice of judges. Thank you VERY much job well done. Juanita Sprowls

  8. Kim Hallquist says:

    I have never been an AI fan. My husband is a huge jazz fan and loves Harry. So, I have had Harry in my life, although never seen him in concert (hubby has though). He is funny, knows his stuff and very honest. I love how he interacts with Keith and with JLo (I was not a fan of JLo calling him Hatchet Harry, but he didn’t let it slow him). He is honest, but with a touch of class. I love the family man in him andhis sense of humor. We watch just to see what Harry is going to do next, and how log before Keith starts laughing at him.

  9. Katy says:

    Yup, I’ve been a HCJr fan for a long time and will watch anything he is on so when it was announced he would be on AI I admit I hesitated to tune in. What a pleasant surprise! He is funny, kind, thoughtful, playful, and KNOWS his stuff. When you think of all of the GREAT people he has been fortunate to work with, he seems SO down to earth and tries hard to make the contestants feel comfortable and relaxed.

    Also, the chemistry between him, JLo, and Keith Urban is perfect. There is not a mean bean in the bunch and they all show a concern to be honest and easy handed with their criticism. They all seem like NICE people who are grateful for their success and being able to do what they love.

    I only watched part of one season in the past, but I just might watch all of it this time. As for the auditions with less of the really pathetic try-outs, I sure hope they will still show us the gems like the guy who did “Pants on the Ground!”

  10. Pam says:

    I love watching Harry! His concerts are wonderful. We have seen him at Mardi Gras in New Orleans. I love how he always mentions his wife and kids in the show! GEAUX Harry!

  11. Fredda Rosenbaum says:

    I have lost interest in American Idol in recent years because the judging pool was just too shallow. Judges need to be individuals who have experience in many genres of music, playing instruments, dance, and acting. Judges without depth are just like horses that wear blinders 24 hrs. /day. So those entertainers that lack depth, even though they may excel in one area, need to be skipped until they develop experience in other arenas. Harry Connick, Jr, can be blunt giving criticism, but he tempers his views with kindness. He is proving that you don’t have to be brutal to impart a negative judging score. He is a great model for his fellow judges. My personal wish for Idol is that truly incredible voices can be discovered — voices that don’t need to depend on improvisation on every phrase of the song. In short, I want to hear another Karen Carpenter, Rosemary Clooney, Harry Connick, Jr.,or Bing Crosby. All of these artists didn’t need to warble all over a song; they simply and beautifully “sold” the song with beautiful melody and lyric. I continue to hope.

  12. Patty Giovingo says:

    My sentiments exactly! Love me som HCJ!! It is so refreshing to watch compared to previois years!

  13. Amy L says:

    Harry Connick Jr is a breath of fresh air! (Especially after the STINK left by a particularly unpleasant judge last year). He is so genuine, and I love his comic antics. For me, this season is already the Best AI ever, thanks to Harry 🙂

  14. Nikki H says:

    The ONLY reason I gave AI another chance this year was because of Harry and Keith. They have some fun chemistry. 😀

  15. Vicky Ayers says:

    I too had given up on AI up until I heard a new judge was coming into the mix. I now find myself watching the show because I don’t want to miss one of his responses. I adore him & sooo love his wit & charm. He should be making the big bucks if you ask me!!

  16. Jan Rolfe says:

    I am a fan of harry and really enjoy the vibes of the judges this year, its a tough industry and they need to be honest with the contestants,

  17. Yodyjo says:

    Love love love Harry Connick Jr.!!!! If they had had the same judges as last no way I would be watching it this year!!!

  18. Dianna Galllagher Cress says:

    Great Job AI! Now you are talkin. Best group ever. I have followed HCJ for years. I listen to his music when I walk at the gym. What a nice, smart, clever talented guy. The picture of his family is priceless. He is honest and humble and funny to the everyone. He better be bringing in some big bacon because he is saving this show. Love Jennifer also. I don’t know much about the other judge, but he seems very nice and fair. I will keep watching from Kansas City.

  19. Doreen Fraser says:

    Harry is one of the few entertainers out there that I admire. Such a talented human being and a sweetheart to boot!!

  20. Elizabeth B says:

    I too am enjoying the judges this year. Love, love, love Harry Connick, Jr. He and Keith Urban make a great pair to watch. Harry’s sense of humour is so engaging. Love that this year’s judges are honest but not cruel to those who can’t cut the mustard. I love the bromance between the two guys. I was getting really tired of the old AI, but I am won over by this year’s judging panel.
    Some talented new singers in the competition will be the icing on the cake.

  21. Jamie says:

    I will have to check out AI and hope I can find previous episodes. I’m glad they aren’t doing the stupid takeouts. I’ve not watched AI in a couple of seasons but from what you say, Harry is raising the notch. Also, that’s VERY cool that he shared your post!

  22. Well ———NOW I am! I haven’t watched it in years but how could I NOT watch it now? 🙂 Excellent article – Magazine worthy – in fact, that article is perfect for the Billy Bragg spot on the last page of Southern Living!

        • The Park Wife says:

          Seriously,the first thing I do when I get my Southern Living is turn to the back and read Rick Bragg’s article. Sometimes I listen to Billy Bragg while I am reading it (kidding on that). Thanks Kelli! Now, I have to go watch Harry!

  23. Dorothy Johnson says:

    I’m a little late weighing in, but wanted to say that I love Harry, but gave up on Idol early on because the judging part made me uncomfortable for the singers. I’m glad he’s bringing his class to the show. Your blog makes me think I might just give it a look. Cool that he linked up. Oh, and Rick Bragg is my favorite feature in SL!

  24. Susan Fox says:

    I really like Harry Connick Jr. I must say that’s the best, ‘handsome-est’ picture I have ever seen of him. You’ve gotcha some good taste girl

  25. Jennifer says:

    We don’t have cable or satellite TV, so no watching here, but now you have me wanting to! I didn’t like those that were so terrible and they were made fun of or were just plain ridiculous. It sounds like it’s much improved!

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