Blogging at the Post Office

by The Park Wife on November 20, 2013

I love a small town.  All its quirks, camaraderie, the feel of belonging. I would live in Stars Hollow if the Gilmore Girls invited me.

I have had a glimpse of that nostalgic feeling in several towns where we have lived since most state parks in our state are not in the big city. Now, we live on a mountain that is 25 minutes from any town that has a grocery store, I have to actually be organized in planning my trips. It is really disappointing when you drive all that way and when you get home remember that you were out of milk.

Aside of the grocery store, the post office is usually on my “going to town” itinerary. There is always a line (I guess the internet is really not going to kill the USPS) and I learn so much about our new “town” while waiting to mail a package. For instance, yesterday I learned that Mr. Cole recently had surgery and if he would use his cane “he would not be slower than molasses and hold us all up. Doesn’t he know we have places to be, heaven’s to Betsy.” Also, Ms Nelda, who is “sweet as a peach, has that no good son, bless her heart, that ran off with that gal from the Wal-Mart and goodness gracious they came back to town to live with Ms. Nelda, are having a baby and expect Ms. Nelda to help. Ms. Nelda is quiet embarrassed and has not shown up for bridge for two weeks.”

A few months ago, I was mailing off some signed P. Allen Smith books to some friends and the Post Mistress (giggle, giggle, I know, I am so juvenile) raved about how much she loved him. She recapped the last three episodes of P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home and told me of how she is fixing up her new cottage with many of his ideas. Sweetness. Yes, I gifted her one of the books. We have now bonded.

Then, the other day when I was back  to mail some more packages, I had on my Arkansas Women Bloggers t-shirt. When I got to the window, my new friend the post mistress (giggle, giggle) read my shirt and got all excited.

She said one of the girls in the back was a blogger. Being new in town and always looking for gals to be a part of Arkansas Women Bloggers, I was game to meet her. She was giddy for me to meet her and kept saying she could not believe that I was a blogger and how many she had started to meet lately. I told her blogging has drastically increased in popularity over the past few years and that I have 510 part of my Arkansas group.

The worker one window over looked at her very seriously and said, “she is a Clogger, not a Blogger”.

Then she asked, “isn’t that the same thing?”

Sweet mercy, get me a fluffy skirt and taps shoes.  I am worried about the future of the USPS.
The Park Wife

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