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The Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year of Holidays Giveaway {yep, she signed them}

Anyone that has ever hung out in my little place of the bloggy world at The Park Wife or any of my SEVEN (woooohoooo) state-focused blog communities, knows one of my all-time favorite bloggy gals in Ree, The Pioneer Woman.  Over the past seven years, she has been mentioned on my blog 863 times. Alright, maybe not that many, but close.  And, she is just as real, kind, and sincere in real life as she is on her blog and her Food Network Show.

Her first two cookbooks are used so much at my house that the binding of the first one has come loose, there is a mysterious sticky substance around the cinnamon rolls page (it can’t be icing because I would have licked it off), and there is a lot of flour in the cracks from the various yumminess that was happening with pizza dough, biscuits, and pie crusts. Let’s not even talk about the lasagna sauce on page 43. No idea how it got there.

I am drooling like Charlie yet again at her beautiful new cookbook called  The Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year of Holidays: 140 Step-by-Step Recipes for Simple, Scrumptious Celebrations. It would be much easier and less dishes for me if she would just invite my family over for all the holidays, but the next best thing will be to try these recipes.  The holiday menus are amazing. The photographs are beautiful and I love how she has written a love letter to her children through the pictures and food she lovingly prepares for them.


The Buckaroo’s love some Ree. They talk about her like she is a long lost aunt and want to hang with her boys at the ranch, or worse case, she would make them some of her marshmallow pops. Evidently, ours did not turn out as pretty as hers.

I have mentioned about her book signing in Rogers, AR this weekend and that on Friday night since some of us are traveling from around the state, we are having a big Arkansas Women Blogger meet-up. I look forward to spending time with my blog peeps. Then, on Saturday, all the bloggy gals will meet to stand in line together to get to see REE!!!!


And here is even more great news –  Ree  is giving away 2 signed copies to my readers! Yeeeehaw!

2 winners will WIN one of Ree’s new book, A Year of Holidays.

COMMENT to say you want to be entered. Make sure your email is linked to your comment.
Hey, what are you most looking forward to this holiday season?

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Good luck! Contest ends Friday, 11/22/13, at  10 AM CT. I’ll announce the 2 winners over at THE PARK WIFE Facebook page!


  1. CraftyHope says:

    This holiday season I’m looking forward to the end of the rush and mania of shopping to just enjoy some time with our families. That will be really nice!

  2. Kristy says:

    I always look forward to Thanksgiving the most. It’s my favorite holiday and I love cooking for friends and family! I’m sure I could put this cookbook to good use this year if I were to win. 🙂

  3. November-December is my favorite time of year! I’m most looking forward to baking with my daughters — pies, cookies, cinnamon rolls. And since it’s the holidays, the calories don’t count. Right?

    And I already follow The Park Wife everywhere!

  4. Brenda Duggins says:

    This year I am just looking forward to spending time with family. It has been a hard year and we just need some time to reconnect.

    Also, I follow The Park Wife EVERYWHERE!!!! and have for a while now!! <3

  5. Cat Poland says:

    I’m looking forward to warm, sacred time with family. And baked goods. Lots of baked goods. 🙂 And I’m following you everywhere except Pinterest. I’m just not doing much of that these days.

  6. Karen W says:

    Get me entered! I’m looking forward to watching my son experience Christmas this year. He was an infant lasy year and didn’t care, but this year should be fun.

  7. Enter me please!! LOVE REE!!
    I’m really looking forward to spending time with my family in Louisiana. It will be the first time to see my little sister since Baby G was born. 🙂 Love me some family time!
    Thanks, S!
    PS. Are y’all going to the Thanksgiving thing next Thursday?

  8. I’m a loyal Facebook fan and I sure would love to win this cookbook. As for the holidays, I sure am looking forward to our first as a family of five and creating brand-new traditions with my little crew.

  9. Teresa Stout says:

    I would love to be entered to win the cookbook. I follow you on Pinterest and Facebook. Don’t tweet or instagram.

  10. Heather says:

    I am so excited to make green bean casserole it’s not even funny. Pies and cookies and cakes are great, but I can’t get over those crunchy onions 😉

  11. Julianne says:

    I am looking forward to experiencing so many new “firsts” with my baby boy this holiday season!

    I’m now following you on Facebook and Pinterest, in addition to Twitter and Instagram.

  12. Earlene says:

    I love your blog, it’s so fun! We will be hanging out and probably traveling New Year’s weekend to see our grandkids(their parents, too). We don’t like being by ourselves, but it is what it is! So, we don’t talk about it or feel sad about it!

  13. Lori Walker says:

    I am most looking forward to…honestly thanksgiving and a four day weekend with only one meal to cook and one kid to take care of:-)

  14. I can’t wait to see my family! I always have a great time with my siblings and I love watching my son with his cousins. It’s so weird to see the next generation of mini-me’s running around the house.

  15. Hey girl : )

    You know I’m already following you on everything. Ha!

    I am most looking forward to focusing on Jesus; on remembering what the whole thing is about & somehow passing that on to my children. We hung up the decor today & I was teary the whole time just thinking about what a privilege it is to worship the LORD!

  16. Pat in Texas says:

    I love the baking new recipes and sharing with my friends and co-workers (of course I have to do a taste test or two…three…four…okay – you get the picture!

    And yes – you have a new follower on Pinterest and Facebook.

  17. Susanna says:

    Me, me, me! You can enter me! 🙂 I am most looking forward to time off school and getting together with family. 🙂

  18. Nicky Coogan says:

    I am looking forward to spending time with my family . Now that my twins are in high school , they are studying and are very busy . I am ready for them to be home and cook and catch up.
    I want to try some new recipes and cook some of the great recipes I have been finding ! Pick me ~~~!!!

  19. Heather says:

    I can’t wait for the family time and great food, it’s definitely my favorite part of the holidays!
    Would love to be entered to win a copy!

  20. Kim says:

    I am most looking forward to 1) eating my husband’s smoked turkey 2) seeing family I don’t see often 3) receiving Christmas cards 4) Christmas morning with my little family opening a few gifts in front of the fireplace.

    I hope to win Ree’s book!! That would make for a great holiday season and many more to come! Her recipes are a gift that keeps on giving!!

  21. Jodi says:

    Oh, I love Ree and rely on her recipes often! Looking forward to LOTS of snuggle time with my Littles, and family, fun, and FOOD! I follow you on FB and twitter!

  22. Courtney says:

    Much of our family lives far away, so Christmas is what always brings us together. I am excited to spend precious time with them around the table at Christmas. Would love to be able to give my mom this book!! She loves the PW!

  23. This year, I’m most looking forward to seeing the holidays through the eyes of my little kids. They are at great ages to soak in the wonder of the season, and I can’t wait! –Rhonda

  24. Jess :) says:

    Aww!! I love Ree and I totally would’ve stood in that forever-long line just to meet her and get my picture taken with her. Sounds like y’all had SO much fun!

    This is my absolute FAVORITE time of the year, so I always look forward to many things. I love decorating, Christmas music, time with family and friends, but most importantly celebrating the birth of Jesus and keeping that as the main focus of this holiday season!

  25. Dixie says:

    After 50yrs of spatters, stains, smudges, etc on my cookbooks, it would be great to receive a new Shiney one, ready to be initiated into our family.
    Thankful this year for my salvation, my husband of 54 years, family and friends and the freedom we have
    Follow you on Pinterest & Instagram and love it…refreshing, informative & fun.

  26. Debbie says:

    You know that I would follow you to the ends of the earth and back! (Is that a little too over the top?) Standing in line for four hours to get her signature turned out to be such a hoot! I’m now Nana to Joby, my new “adopted” 2 1/2 year old “grandson-in-line,” BFF’s with a WalMart vendor whose wife may become a new bloggers TYVM, etc. etc. etc! Sorry I missed the “back-of-the-line” party going on with you guys, but I sure was glad to be getting out of that line! Good luck with your giveaway. I’ll have one going on later just in time for someone’s Christmas present. xoxoxox

  27. Shellie says:

    I would love to be entered!

    What am I looking forward most to this holiday season? Just taking some time to slow down and enjoy family. As new farmers/homesteaders who work and have a 5 year old child, this year has been insane! But, with animals pretty much on cruise control, no new baby animals coming and nothing growing but brown grass, I’m looking forward to a few more PJ days! Whew-I think that was more than you asked for…

  28. Lauren Wisner says:

    I follow you on Pinterest and Facebook. I want to be entered into this contest. I watch her show everyday, my sister and I love her!! We would love this cookbook because we wanted to buy this and cook the recipes with our Mom, who also loves her!!! I’m looking forward to spending time with my loved ones, and cooking!!!

  29. Courtney says:

    I’m a Pinterest follower! I would LOVE to win the cookbook! I’m a grad student at the beginning of my cooking career and I have been really wanting one of Ree’s books! I’m looking forward to time off from studying this Christmas! 🙂

  30. Melissa says:

    I’m looking forward to having my husband home to celebrate Christmas with us this year! 🙂 and I’d love to win a copy off Ree’s new cookbook!! 🙂

  31. Lana Pyburn says:

    I love The Park Wife. She changed my life the first day I met her over 13 years ago.

    Even though my son will not be here for Thanksgiving, he is serving in the US Air Force, I do have my wonderful daughter and amazing husband to share it with. Thank God for family.

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