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Faith, Family, Football and Home ~ House Design and “The Book of Manning”

Our park house is still under construction,  I hope to be in it by Christmas….of 2014. Let me start by saying, I would have not been a great interior designer, not one of my gifts. Picking flooring, paint colors, appliances, drawer pulls, tile…oh, it is a daunting task for me. I was begging for design advice from a new homeschool mom friend of mine at the kids new homeschool co-op (her name is Stephanie, like all the cool Arkansas gals) and she pointed out the strand that ran though all the pictures of kitchens she loved was that they were all organized, clean, and no dishes in the sink. AHA! She was right, she voiced my crazy house design problem, well, one of them.

Home is Where Your Story Begins

I look on Pinterest and see these beautiful homes with white furniture and think, “oh, how beautiful, I want my house to look like that”. Then, reality hits. In my world, two boys would run in plop down on that white slip-covered couch with at least two rocks and four roly polies in their pockets, a stick in one hand and some type of creature in the other (turtle, beetle, dead locust, you never know). There is not enough bleach in Arkansas for me to be able to have that beautiful white living room.

So, I then I have to choose  flooring. No words. Where are all my decorator blog friends? We will have a meeting on the mountain soon, clear your calendars. My goal is just to have a comfortable place where our family can gather and the kids will one day have great memories of growing up on the mountain.  A place they will call home.

Southern Boys & Flag FootballWe finished up flag football last night. We got  involved it in the usual small town way. About a month ago, I was walking through a flea market, saw a gal I used to work with B.K. (before kids) and her son was with her. I left that conversation with the phone number of the guy who runs the flag football league in one of the small communities in our area. Even though they were in the midst of the season, they let the Buckaroos play. They had a blast.  And, so did I.  It brings back wonderful memories of my high school cheerleading days where Friday nights were spent at the football stadium, it was more than a game, it was an event. A place where a town comes together and rallies around its kids.  Faith, family, and football runs deep in the South, I love it. It is all football, all the time, at our house right now. Of course, Littlest Buckaroo has already chosen LSU for college and on to the Saints as a first round draft pick. He will be eight in December. God love him.

Speaking of football and the South, let me tell you about one of the most wonderful things we have watched in a long time, “The Book of Manning” (I bet you were you expecting Duck Dynasty, that is right up there of course).  The whole family was glued to the television as we watched the 90-minute documentary about football’s first family. It  traced Archie Manning’s path from Mississippi prep phenom to Ole Miss standout to patriarch of a tight-knit Southern family that features two No. 1 draft picks and three Lombardi trophies. We Mississippi folks LOVE the Manning boys.

The Book of Mannina

If you have not watched it, it will be replayed on ESPN I am sure. The footage from Archie’s days at Ole Miss is simply CAPTIVATING. But, it really was not a documentary about a former NFL quarterback and his quarterback sons, instead, we all got something more extraordinary…..it was a film about fatherhood, how he gave his kids unconditional support and love. It gave us a glimpse into the lives of good people trying to live productive lives, raise men of character, overcoming obstacles, and through it all, loving one another. Oh, and do not think I do not know that the matriarch Olivia is the glue that holds this family together. Set your DVRs, it is wonderful.

Football and interior design, I can not say I live a boring life here on the park.

Oh, for the love of paint swatches,
The Park Wife





  1. Karen W says:

    We are big Manning fans at our house as well. We Loved “The Book of Manning”. That family has something that every family should strive to achieve for sure.

  2. Earlene says:

    We don’t watch any football, but I will check it out as I really like books that are moral driven! As to your interior design challenge, listen to your gut and take colors from nature as your live in a park!! Durability is required with children! Design centers will help you if you ask and most don’t require you to purchase anything they have! I used one a long time ago and found what I like and still use the ideas! Blessings, Earlene

  3. As far as decorating is concerned, it is a daunting task to pick out colors, styles and all the little details go into a new house. I’d look in Southern Living, Better Homes & Gardens and other magazines for ideas. They often feature remodels and new homes for families with children. I agree that you’d do well to recruit either a designer or a friend with flare to help make the final decisions, but they are going to ask you what you like. I totally get that rock and roly-poly thing. It’s part of raising boys! I have two who now have boys of their own. We don’t watch as much football as we used to, but I know of and admire the Manning family. I hope to catch that show sometime. What a great family evening.

  4. Julie says:

    For Mother’s Day this year, I requested a custom vinyl from etsy. It is now affixed in my kitchen: “Where there are no oxen, the manger is clean.” -Proverbs 14:4

  5. Anita says:

    I so well remember the many decisions that go with building. I dreamed of a “white decor” too, but it was not to be, people live here. The Book of Manning sounds like one not to miss, need to be sure the grandchildren see it.

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