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My Stint on MomLife TV

I was recently invited to be interviewed for MomLife TV. It was a great experience and Tracey Eyster (the incredible lady who I have made my new mentor mom, she does not know that yet) was gracious, kind, and so wise.

I have been blessed with some wonderful women in my life to guide me as a mother. They have all left me with nuggets of wisdom in the biggest, most important job I have been handed.

We talked about a lot of things, this part of the interview has to do with over-scheduling our kiddos. We talk soccer, my sport of choice, and how I handle it when it really is not my kids bent. Now, I talk about my oldest and soccer, let me make this clear as it did not make the video. He is an average soccer player, by no means the worst in his league. However, I know this is not his bent, I allow him to play, to work hard at something that does not come easy to him because academics and music  does.

I am no expert, but I am a mom that has had a teachable heart. That is the key, so many women ask for my mom advice (which I giggle about), but if you are not open and willing to do the hard stuff, the results will not come and you will just be flustered and frustrated.

Thanks for watching, and yes, I have a Mississippi accent!
The Park Wife


  1. Beth says:

    Congratulations! There is no better mom to talk to all of us about constantly learning, being kind and having a teachable heart. So glad you are one of the examples I look to as a mom – I always know I can do so much better and keep my eye on the ones doing it right.

    You look great, too! Nice job! 🙂

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