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Our Cabin in the Woods ~ The Bathroom

If you are new to The Park Wife blog, my incredible hubby is building us a cabin in the Ozark Mountains. Here are some older posts about it.

Let’s talk bathroom. This has been our priority for obvious reasons. I found a picture of a vanity in a Pottery Barn catalog (pricey) and my hubby said he would make it for me. Swoon.

We are being very conscious of all things we use to make the cabin. From old windows from a farmhouse of some dear friends, to our pantry door made from shutters of my great grandparents home in Mississippi, we walk in there and feel generations of love and it all tells a story….our story.

So, he took some old wood from a barn he took down in Louisiana and made the top.

Then, he built the rest. Yes, my clever hubby made a towel rack for it out of plumbing parts.

Then, it needed to be painted, so we let Littlest Buckaroo pick out the color.

It is some form of a Robins Egg Blue. Boys. I roll with it.

The clawfoot tub my husband re-did ….ummm….he re-did two, after spending forever on one, our friends gave us a bigger one, yes, he rocks. It has been sitting in the cabin for a LONG time. It became a bit of a storage tub.

Finally, we took it out of the main room and put it in place in the bathroom! With the nickeled feet on it!

We are so fancy…in our remote cabin, that is solar-powered, that will have a composting toilet. Yes, FANCY indeed.

While at the cabin, it is not ALL work, there is a focus on fun too.

A little football in the front yard.

And the kids get to swim, yes, that is a water trough. The creek that runs through our property was rushing too fast due to some big rains.

Now, is the part we have been dreading ~ Polyurethaning and sanding the whole cabin three times! Yuck.

We are getting closer to getting it livable!

Blessed (with a few chigger bites, but I have a clawfoot tub),
The Park Wife


    • This is a LOOOONNNGGG process. Hopefully before the boys go off to college. haha. When we get to our new park, we will be a lot closer so hopefully work will happen faster.

  1. Suzanne says:

    Gou guys are going to be so happy there! It is really coming along! I cannot wait to see the final presentation!!!

  2. jenny m says:

    love, love, loooovvveee this!!! we are in the process of remodeling an old farm house on some land outside of town … i know how painstaking and long this can all be! but the boys will love it and it is looking awesome!!!! that hubby of yours is talented:)!

  3. joyce says:

    tell Joe the beverly hillbillies cabin looks good. but tell him out door toilets are also out. haha. jk. miss you guys and this looks great. I moved into a log cabin (makeshift siding one) here outside the park. I love it.

  4. Amber says:

    I am in LOVE with that tub…and all the poly! good gorgeous!

    glad i found you, we are new to the ‘park’ scene, but are loving it so far 🙂

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