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Memories Need Documenting

One of my brothers, Andrew, (yep, I have 5) told his wife Andrea when they first met that he never had a birthday cake growing up. Now, this could not be further from the truth. He always had a birthday cake from a wonderful little family owned bakery in our Mississippi town, Pollman’s Bakery.

My sweet sister-in-law has seen photos to debunk this myth of his poor, deprived childhood, but, she makes sure that he has a homemade, delicious cake every year on his birthday. She has gotten so good at cakes, she ends up making all of her friends and their kids awesome cakes (somebody buy that girl a Kitchen-Aid mixer already).

The story of my pastry deprived brother’s fictional account is stuck in my mind and always makes me think…… “I need to take a picture of this so the boys will know that they had a cool childhood, I do not want them to look back and not remember eating cake!”

So, Buckaroos, do you remember on rainy days how your cool mom built you forts in the living room? Oh, and on top of that you got to do your school work in the forts? Oh, you don’t remember?

Take that memory maker.

Now I need cake,
The Park Wife


  1. So sweet! I think it’s so important to take pictures of the “little” everyday things, not just the big things. Because of course it’s all big things. (And not just for them, for us, too!)

  2. Julianne says:

    Wow, I’m still stuck on 5 brothers!! Whoa. Forts were the very best growing up…better than cake, I’d venture. What a cool momma indeed!

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