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Blogger Train Heads to Oklahoma!

I love how the blog world opens itself up to so many people who you would not have had the pleasure of ever meeting.  When I started Arkansas Women Bloggers, I just thought I would find a gal or two in the great state of Arkansas that blogged.  Several of my dear friends, my business partner, and 352 other lovely women in our state resulted from that harebrained idea I hatched so many years ago.

So, now we are taking over the world (insert evil laugh)….. Well, alright we are venturing out at least. And, first on the list:

Oklahoma Women Bloggers launched on January 1 and  in just three weeks 53 active bloggers have joined. Heather Davis (aka Minvan Mama) and Mari Farthing, of Mari’s Virtual Notebook & Mari Edits hopped on my crazy blog train and are going full steam. I am so thankful for these women who see/know the value in gathering women together and helping them tell their stories.

Our goal is to keep all of the groups state focused. We love the camaraderie, the true connections that are made when we all gather, grow, and connect. It is a beautiful thing.

Alabama, Mississippi, and  Missouri, watch out, we are coming your way next!

The Park Wife