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My Time With Ree, The Pioneer Woman

I have gushed often on my blog about Ree, yes,  The Pioneer Woman.  Way back in 2007 (a long time ago in the blog world), I campaigned for her best friend spot, then I went to her book signing in Little Rock, oh, and my blog went crazy when in her recap post she added that I was her “old internet friend”. She has sent me P-Dub t-shirts and many signed cookbooks to giveaway over on that little thing I started that has kind of gone big Arkansas Women Bloggers.

So, when my new friends Stephanie at Evolved Mommy and Amy at Our Everyday Dinners said they were going to the Aiming Low Noncon Conference at Callaway Gardens in Georgia and Ree was the keynote speaker, I invited myself. I know, I know, Emily Post and my grandmother are flipping in their graves right now.  But, they said yes!

It was extraordinary. These girls are fabulous and ALERT THE MEDIA (well, or the state police), we are hatching some cool plans for the future together.

Amy, Me, & the other Stephanie

Yes, then there was Ree.

The three of us Arkansas gals and Ree were able to sit down and talk for about an hour together. There was talk of the Real Housewives, blogging, tattoos and plastic surgery, and other cool things like Country Outfitter boots.  Yes, she now is in possession of an Arkansas Women Bloggers t-shirt. She wanted to know if she could wear it if she was not an Arkansas blogger, ummm… of course, and hint, hint, I might just be working on some Oklahoma Women Bloggers organization right now. oooohhh… and Misouri Women Bloggers……

Ree is everything I imagined she would be. She is kind, smart, funny, just a sweet, beautiful soul. I could gush on and on, yes, like always.

And, my Arkansas gals I went with…..I might tear up thinking of my kindred spirits. Well, really “I want to cry, but I am a food blogger” bwaaaahahaha sorry Amy, had to go there.

Yet again, I am thankful and blessed by women that the blog world has brought to me,
The Park Wife




  1. Tracie says:

    I saw so many great NonCon tweets all weekend (I might have been….okay, was totally…jealous of the fun y’all were having.)

    I remember one of the first few posts I read on your blog was the one where you went to her book signing. So reading this today, and seeing all the hints and beginnings of awesome plans makes me very happy. It is a full circle kind of moment. Good stuff.

  2. marye~ says:

    Yeah Stephanie! I adore The Pioneer Woman! How exciting to get to meet her AND hang out! I have to say that I’m a bit jealous, in a good way not a southern-girl-I’m-gonna-get-you-back way like in our hometown.
    I saw your brother, again, last night. It seems like I only see him during Live at Five and football season since I didn’t have enough okra to share this summer.
    I love your new blog, and I hope to do a better job at keeping up. I miss Arkansas, sometimes. Let me know when you’re going to be in MS so we can go for a coffee!

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