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Old Park Wife Had a Farm

It is Flashback Friday, so here is an oldie but a goodie. Now that we have moved to a new park where all we have is a fish (he jumped ship) and a kitten, I like to look back at our former farm life and dream of what is to come as we work on Rockwell,  our one day in the future, when the hubby retires, sustainable farm.

Never did I think when I was living in Memphis that I would ever, ever, ever, did I say EVER? have farm animals. If you asked anyone I grew up with, my college roommates, or my colleagues in Memphis if they thought The Park Wife would have any type of animal they would, after verifying the information because of disbelief, laugh hysterically. Actually, if you told them back then that I would live on a state park, they would have told you that you had me confused with some other girl. One that wore jeans, boots, and t-shirts that said things like “Buy Organic” or “Let’s Go Hiking”.

But, here I am……The Park Wife….with a house full of boys and a yard full of animals. You have met some of our brood through previous posts, but today, we have 2 new little friends to introduce you to. But first, let’s refresh your memory.

This is Tom, he has a surrey-pulling partner named Pete that also lives in our pasture. They got a little unruly, scared the surrey driver, so they have been “retired” to our pasture, they have been here for a couple of years now. SCRATCH THAT – Big Buckaroo just told me as he was reading over my shoulder that they were sold a couple of weeks ago and are not out there any more. People, I have so many animals that I did not even know they were gone.

This is Jill, the retired Civil War Reenactor horse that lives in one of our pastures. Yes, there is such a thing, I would not have believed it either before relocating to this historical park. She is so used to hearing gunfire and cannons that the noise the Little Buckaroo’s make out in the the yard all day does not bother her. Her owner works at the Park, but she has pretty much become our sweet ole gal.

Here are our laying hens, yes, FRESH eggs. Aside of the Rooster who gets night and day confused a lot (earplugs are on my next grocery list), they are not much trouble. Plus, they multi-task, we put them on our garden in early Spring to dig up weeds (although my garden is still covered in them) and to fertilize.

Here are our goats, Huck and Tom. They are very gentle and sweet. They really serve no purpose except we take them to the Park on “vacation” so that they can be seen and petted by tourist at the historical homesteads.

Speaking of no purpose animals, this is Lucky. And, let me tell you, he is lucky, lucky to be alive. His manners are horrible, he gets real excited and jumps on visitor’s often. The poor Dish Network guy was getting out of his truck and he jumped so high trying to get petted that the guy caught him in the air. Oh, and the electric meter reader was so “afraid” of him that he got a remote reader installed at our house so he does not have to come through our gate and be confronted by this BAD DOG. I find this hilarious, aside of licking you to death or knocking you over trying to get your attention to pet him, he is harmless.

Without further ado, let me introduce you to Frank and Lucy.

The picture is not great, but hey, it is my first time taking a picture of pigs. Well, unless you count that last Mississippi family reunion we went to where Uncle….. oh, never mind, that is just not nice. (Hey, I am kidding, I have not been to a family reunion in Mississippi in years.)

Anyway, welcome Frank and Lucy to the Old Park Wife’s Farm. Now, as you know, we raise our own pastured poultry, buy grass-fed beef from some friends, and now, there is Frank and Tom if you know what I mean. If you don’t, that means don’t get too attached they will be “going away” in a few months.

With an oink-oink here and and oink-oink there,
The Park Wife


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