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Remembering Andy Griffith

Simplicity, kindness, love for your neighbor – that is what I think of when I think of The Andy Griffith Show.  When I heard Andy Griffith passed away this morning, it made me sad.

I lead somewhat of a Mayberry existence, but that is only due to our desire for it, the intentional pursuit of it, and most of all, the blessing of the life we have been given in small towns full of warm, sometimes eccentric people (yes, yes, there are crazy, mean people too, we try our best to avoid them).

We own all the season’s of TAGS and our boys love to watch them. Unlike most the horrendous stuff on television today, it was about man’s humanity toward one another. The characters did ordinary things, such as making pies, going to the movies, singing in the choir, and sitting on the porch on a summer night.  The show NEVER had a curse word, very little reference at all to sex, and about the extent of violence was Barney shooting his foot, it was a great show.

So, to Andy Griffith:
Every time our oldest boy does something so very Opie-like (which happens often) and when I  see our youngest who always seems to have one of the cuffs of his pants stuck in his boots, I will think of you.

When the boys play Boil Them Cabbage Down on their fiddle and banjo, I will think of you and the Darling family’s jam session at the jail. When we go to the soda fountain for ice cream, we will remember. And, during so many more wonderful, ordinary things and times, we will remember.

Thank you, Andy Griffith, for enriching our lives so much with your talent and your vision. And for letting us spend thirty minutes in your Mayberry.

Whistling TAGS theme,
The Park Wife


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