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Farmers’ Market Withdrawal

I love fresh, local food and have been a huge advocate for the local food movement for the past 5 years. I was on our state’s farmers’ market board, started and managed markets in two towns, and helped several other communities start markets. I grew produce to sell at these markets in my own little garden world. I speak at farmers’ conferences in an effort to help them market and promote their businesses more effectively.

At market,
I traded produce with farmers who grew things I did not, 

planned events from music to a children’s garden,

 met and became friends with some of the best, most down to earth people you will ever meet. Yes, farmers.

Little Buckaroo selling his eggs
 to his best customer, Ms. Margaret.

I taught the Buckaroo’s first-hand where their food comes from and how to sell what they grow and their chicken’s eggs (we call that consumer math in homeschooling).

Then, we moved. 
I love our new town and our new home. But, I lost my farming for market capabilities due to the lack of land. 

So, I am making do. I planted some vegetables outside of the state park restaurant for them to use, I will buy from the market here in our new town, and am getting creative with what I have to work with (yes, flower beds). However, I am still in Farmers’ Market withdrawal. Getting up at 5 a.m. on Saturday’s was rough, but once the opening bell rang at market, it was all worth it. The Buckaroo’s with hands and face covered in blueberry stains, juice from beautiful, tasty heirloom tomato’s dripping on our shirts, Ms. Crews sharing her pickle recipe with me. Sweet mercy, I need a local farmer to adopt me.
We are working to build our sustainable agriculture farm for when Big Buckaroo retires (um… about 15 more years), but until then….. farewell,

Until we meet again.

Alright, I know in reality I will be all up in the local food movement, just not as an active farmer.

Go out and support your local farmers at the market,
The Park Wife
formerly known as the Southern Belle Farm Chick

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