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Raising Warriors That Protect Their Hearts

Raising two warriors is a bit overwhelming at times. My brain gets tired answering questions like how do rockets work, what years did King Louis XVI live, why don’t worms have legs and so on. In response to the elevated sense of wonder as they progress in age, I have had to beef up my tool bag. In addition to the crayons that are always in my purse (along with some suckers when I get really desperate), I keep a dictionary in my car, yes one that is paper and bound, so I can throw it in the back seat when Little Buckaroo asks me the 50th question of the day and what it means and a Bible to seek answers in God’s word. I am all about teaching them to find the answers.

But, with their hearts, I am holding on tight, not allowing to go with the flow. The condition of our sons hearts determines the course of their life and that is HUGE, I will not waver.

Every Saturday at the soccer field, the kids on the team I coach tell me about their girlfriends/boyfriends and who is “going out with” whom (which yes, is amazing since they are 8-years-old and can’t drive, so I am not sure where they are going, ha).

Last soccer season, Little Buckaroo observed this and I watched peer pressure happen right before my eyes. On our way home after a game, Little Buckaroo said he likes kicking the soccer ball with Jordyn, so should she be his girlfriend. All I could think at the moment was, HERE WE GO……

I did not get married until I was 29, so I was in the dating world for a while and know how it all works, yes, all to well. I want better for our guys, I want them to save their hearts for the one God has purposed for them, but how can they do that if they give up pieces of their heart along the way?

So, here is how I explained it to Little Buckaroo. I grabbed a piece of bread and told him that is his heart. I began to pull pieces off a little at a time telling him that was him giving his heart away to a girl. And, continued to pull a piece with every girl he gave his heart to. When I was done, there was only a small circle of bread left. I told him that if he gave his heart away piece by piece that when he is older and found the girl God had planned for him, he would only be able to give her a piece of his heart and she deserved better than that. Does it sound like a hard thing to do this day and age, you bet. On the flip side, do I want him to end up with a girl that at 6-years-old began repeatedly giving her heart and then every other part of herself to guys. Um….no.

We hope to raise warriors that seek the face and heart of God, as they learn to wield a sword and conquer the ugly in this grand adventure called life. And, yes, I hope they will one day save the damsel in distress and treat her as the princess God created her to be.

Oh, by the way, I do find peace and humor in knowing that Big Buckaroo is charged with giving them the sex talk. I hope he is planning his tool bag for that one right now!
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