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This time of year, I see many of my Facebook friends with family pictures at the beach, all matching with white shirts and khaki pants, then, of course I get all those cute Christmas cards with everyone in matching holiday scarves. We have never done anything like that, and truthfully, we are not very photogenic as a group. There is always one of us that will have their eyes closed, a weird look on their face or picking their nose, um… of course I mean one our boys.
Now, I have a ton of pictures of my husband with the kids because I always make them stop and pose. They have figured out that if they go ahead and look at the camera and smile quick, they can go on about their business of go-cart riding, zip lining, or whatever current adventure they are on. My friends Susan and Nikki have taken pictures of me with our boys while we were on park outings, but we have not had anyone take a family portrait, yes all four of us, in some matchy clothes EVER.
But……looky -looky what was in 14 out-of-state market newspapers (five of our neighboring states), and during the same week in every daily and weekly newspaper in Arkansas, a total print and online circulation of more than six million.

Yes, that is our family. I sure wish they would have airbrushed me some, but I will take it. As usual, we do not do everything exactly like everyone else does, but our kiddos will have some pretty cool family pictures when they get older, they just won’t have well planned outfits on a sandy beach. Hey, I will take the natural state of Arkansas as family portrait backdrop any day.

Thanks to Arkansas Tourism for choosing us to model for their ads and being our family photographer,
The Park Wife


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