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Lost in Space

Yes, that is how I have felt lately, lost in space. Not on a cool mission, but on one that is consumed with meetings, running the roads, phone calls, events, errands, and other time suckers, yes, I am referring to Facebook, Twitter and blogging. Gasp! I am sure none of you are addicted to Facebook. Oh, poor lonely me, the only one who checks status updates four times a day, yes four (sometimes five), and I even quit a while back and loved it!!!! I am weak.

So, I am stepping back AGAIN, taking a breath, and refocusing. This is a constant battle for me. I want to only do what blesses my little family and glorifies Him. I recently got to a point where social media was taking more time out my life than actually spending it making my community a better place, yes the one with real live people that you are face-to-face with when you talk to them. Yes, I am very weak, need discipline.


With that said, I am hitting my main priorities first and with gusto. Husband is happy. Kids are educated, healthy, happy and FUN. Garden is planted. House is not spotless, but, clean as can be when you live with 3 boys.

Hey, being lost in space is not all that bad. The Buckaroo’s had a pretty cool mission last week. I got a freezer box from a local store, taped it up with help of an 8-year-old and then let him paint it.

We bought Moon Pies, Starburst, cosmic brownies, and Milky Ways. All my foodie friends are hyperventilating right now. We spent a lot of time all week with the NASA channel on in the background. Got ready for launch of Endeavour. UGGGG! No go for launch. Oh well, we ate some of our “out of this world” food anyway.
Happy astronaut who knows more about the solar system and how it works than his parents put together. I love homeschooling!


I am a work in progress (with many warning and danger signs),

The Park Wife


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