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Rockwell Painting

Ahhhhhh, the sweet feeling of progress. Big Buckaroo and his dad got the siding on the ends of the cabin and even got them painted. Of course, he chose Park Brown as the color. Not kidding. And, no, we do not get a discount on that color paint.

Big Buckaroo loves the old Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) style of building. A time when men took pride in their handiwork, standards for workmanship were high, and there was an awareness and appreciation of the outdoors and our nation’s natural resources while building.

We were previously at a CCC built park, one of the more than 800 parks constructed nationwide by the CCC. That is where my husband learned about and came to appreciate the sweat and craftsmanship put into building CCC/Rustic Style structures. It is an architecture that mirrors the rugged natural beauty of its surroundings.

I am thankful that when we drive up to Rockwell, we will be able to appreciate the cabin my husband and his dad built by hand, leaving a legacy for our boys and for our future generations.

Deciding inside trim colors,
The Park Wife