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Farmers’ Market In Full Swing

Life on our little farm is full blast right now. From squash to zucchini to tons of cucumbers, we are reaping the benefits of our hard work. We are enjoying the farmers’ market. It is so worth the time we spend preparing everything.

We have almost doubled our number of farmers, with 13 on average each Saturday. All grown and produced locally!

I have also met many new friends and even reconnected with one of Big Buckaroo’s cousins whose girlfriends family is one of our major farm families.

My goal is to give the residents of our town & consumers in the region an opportunity to have access to a wide variety of locally/sustainably grown, & produced goods. I am happy to report, we are doing a pretty good job of that. People are becoming educated on eating what is in season and eating fresh, local foods. I hope we are also saving some family farms along the way and preserving the fabric of small towns and the values in which they are made.

The kids are having a blast! They spend the days at the market playing with their friends and making new ones with any kid that comes to the market with their family.

Oh, and every once in a while they might sell a cup of lemonade, if they have not drank it all.
I hope that we are being good stewards of all we have been blessed with — land to grow healthy food and kids to grow into healthy, Godly young men. Now, that is truly sustainably living.
Time to wash ANOTHER load of clothes.
The Park Wife


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