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The Dream Continues

We had a fabulous weekend at our mountain property. A little work, a lot of pleasure.

I love the drive into our property. Once you go through a locked gate, we have a fabulous little road that you go about 3/4 of a mile (slowly) on before reaching our cabin site about 10 minutes later.

We worked on putting on the house wrap. I do not like heights, I think I got dropped off to many pyramids as a high school cheerleader.

But, for this man, I will do just about anything. So, I climbed up, hung on for dear life and helped as much as I could while whimpering a bit (o.k. a lot). But, we got the house wrap on and the top window in.

Then, there was the fun. Not much can beat this. They were so excited about heading down to the pond to fish.

Oh wait, there is something that can beat that. Their dad taking them fishing (and mom getting to sit on the porch and read).

But wait, this is a close tie…. our well is being dug and we will have water on the property!!!! We do not know how lucky we are to turn on a faucet and water come out, the things we take for granted. If you had to fill barrels with water and take them 3 1/2 hours away to be able to wash up or shower, you would have a deeper appreciation for the water system in your home.

Things are coming right along and I hope we are able to spend our first Thanksgiving in the woods at Rockwell this year.
Happy Spring,
The Park Wife


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