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Got Wheels, Let’s Ride

We went to our land in the mountains this past weekend. It was a beautiful weekend! I think maybe Spring is on the way. Jonquils are blooming everywhere and I did not have to thaw my toes out by a fire.

As we drove up our road, Little Buckaroo asked if he and his brother could ride their wheels to the cabin. We let them out, took their wheels off the trailer and told them we would see them at the cabin. They thought they were so grown up.

I kept asking Big Buckaroo to not leave them too far behind, I still wanted to be able to see them. After reminding me that unless a deer or turkey ran out and knocked them over, they would be fine. There is no traffic on our road. Oh wait, are there bear in these parts?

I remember riding my bike all over our town when I was a kid. I would stay gone riding with my friends all day. Oh, how times have changed.

They showed up a minute behind us with huge smiles on their faces. Independence Day! I am so glad they have a place where they can run wild and explore.

Dreading drivers license age,

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