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Geography Fun!

Alright, I am calling on all my bloggy friends to help homeschool my kids. Hey, we moms need to help each other out. And, today, I need helping out (could be my insane idea to give up Dr. Pepper AGAIN).

My kids love geography, they have one of those cool globes that talk to you and even let’s you play a game to see how many places you can find in 30 seconds. I must admit Big Buckaroo and I have had some intense battles after the kids go to bed. Hey, at least I know where Timbuktu is and all the “stan” countries. That is going to take me far in life I am sure.

Here is how you can join the geography fun. Where do you live? Tell us something fun, interesting and cool about your town. You never know, we might buy an RV and visit all these places, well, that probably won’t happen, but it would be fun….for about 3 days, then I would want my own bed.

Thanks in advance for molding my children into geography geniuses, well, in reality I am just hoping for some interesting fun learning.

Better go learn about the Congo, or maybe I might just go start a congo line, I need some exercise,
The Park Wife