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Cabin Update

Our mountain cabin is coming along. I have not been there in a couple of months because, ummmm, it is COLD! Hopefully this time next year the windows will be in, siding on and smoke will be billowing from the wood stoves pipe.

Big Buckaroo and I went for a night away date when my mom was in town (more on that trip later) and we stopped by so he could show me what he and his dad had been working on while I was warm and toasty at the Park.

Looking good! The metal roof is on, a slippery job, but he got it done without falling off.

He even has some wood stacked on the porch! Um, the wood stove is in our barn at the park, so until it is up at the cabin and it is cold outside, I will not be spending a night at Rockwell. I have become a wimp in my old age.

Scaffolding has been built and work done on one of the end walls. It is high!

The inside still looks the same, I love it. Look at those hand hewn beams, my man rocks.
We have arranged to have our well drilled, caulked the old farm windows we re-did, and bought much of our siding. Just need some warmer weather. We can’t wait to spend next Christmas in our little cabin in the woods.
Staying warm with my cute wool socks on,
The Park Wife