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The Power of Ree

I am going to get back to blogging about my life on a state park soon I promise. Actually, I had planned on posting pictures from our Civil War Weekend last weekend, but Pioneer Woman threw me for a loop!

After her posting about her book signing in Little Rock, all that sweet red head did was put a link to my post about my trip to meet her and KABOOM! My little blog was HOTTER than my hot park ranger pictures.

To all of my new followers, thanks for joining the chaos. And, I am thankful to all of you that have stopped by, all 8447 — update: 9722— you in the past 24 –update: 35 hours. My little blog did not know what to do, that is CRAZY!

Thanks to Ree, she has the Midas touch, and I am not talking mufflers.

So, for all of you that are first timers at The Park Wife, here is a quick glance at my life so that you will know what it is that I blog about.

***I reserve the right to change my mind and redirect my whole blog, I was thinking of taking up underwater basket weaving and telling the world of the interesting cricks (aka creeks) and ponds where I work on my masterpiece’s. Then I remembered that masquito’s love me and I don’t love them.

I am the wife of a wonderful man that happens be to be a state park superintendent. He is an extraordinary man who walks with integrity and lives his life for the Lord. We have a wonderful love story, just like my “old internet friend” Ree. By the way, Ree and I are not old, just been meeting up on our blogs for what is considered a long time for bloggy world. I have not been invited to the ranch, maybe one day, but I think she is a little busy right now.

Anyway…like I was saying, I am married to a hunky ranger (he will kill me if he reads that, don’t tell him). He is an extraordinary dad, I could not have asked for more.

I am the mom of two little buckaroos that I homeschool, no we are not wiccaans (yes, some people think that and many other stereotypes of homeschoolers). Actually, we are Christians who are trying to raise our boys to be hard working, honest, adventure seeking warriors who love the Lord. I do think that flying on a broomstick might be cool, but my hair would look like Weird Al Yankovic’s everywhere I went. Just Eat It! (that song will be stuck in your head all day, sorry).

No need to debate private school vs public school vs homeschool here, I think we all need to get along and respect that we are all doing what we feel is best for our kids, enough said. Now, let’s all be friends and sing cumbaya.

I grew up a Mississippi Belle. I learned to sparkle at an early age. I try to still adhere to the most basic belle rules, like do not chew gum in public, no velvet after February 14, no white shoes until after Easter, if you wear sandals your toenails must always be painted, how to make ther perfect sweet tea, even though I don’t like tea, oh mercy me. And yes, one of our sons is named Big Buckaroo’s grandmother’s maiden name. Now, since living on a state park in a rural area, I have let some of the other belle rules slide, but not so much that I would end up on peopleofwalmart dot com.

I believe in community involvement and teaching our children that they can make a difference in our community, in people’s lives, in the world. We just started a Farmer’s Market. Four years ago I could not keep anything alive, I couldn’t even grow a Chia pet.

Did you know there is a new Chiaobama, nothing says Go America like a chia pet of our President. You can choose between the “Happy” or “Determined” poses – for the amazingly low price of just $19.99 (three seed packs included!). I am not kidding about this.

ANYWAY…..I get off track sometimes. Now I am growing veggies to sell to the public. I have also helped to start a community library in our small town and have just held our first community dinner in the street (we blocked it off so cars nor horses and buggies would run over our food or kids, you know, the important stuff). It is fun to be able to tell your kids to go play in the street, watch them play with a huge group of kids, and visit with your neighbors.

I love the holidays! I want our holiday’s to be like a Norman Rockwell painting, but usually end up like a Griswold Christmas Vacation. Every year as the holiday’s approach, I forget the chaos of the year before and set about my Rockwellesque plans.

We are building a cabin in the mountains. As you are driving up to the cabin site, there is an old rock well, that, along with my idealist tendencies had us name our place Rockwell. Yep, an idealist through and through. I have followed the journey from clearing the land until the roof going on which is the point we are at now. Stick around and help me decorate the inside, no dead animals on the walls, I prefer my wildlife in the wild.

There is more wackiness to be found at The Park Wife. Thanks for joining me, Ree’s old Internet friend (yes, I was very excited when she wrote that).

Ch Ch Chia,

The Park Wife