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Pioneer Woman Cooks!

If you have read my blog for a while, you know that I REALLY like The Pioneer Woman’s blog. She was my blog inspiration and I even tried once for her to be my best blog friend, no luck, must be the other umpteen visitor’s to her site that keeps her busy. I love how she writes (very witty and stream of consciousness), her extraordinarily beautiful photography and her down-to-earth personality that comes through on her blog. Plus, she is a homeschool mom!

Then, my friends, something happened. She posted a recipe on her blog that changed my world. Yes, that’s right, I made her cinnamon rolls, followed by her lasagna, and then, oh mercy, her hot wangs (yes, I said wangs, you would too if you tasted these hot little chicks). I was hooked, her recipes are accompanied by numerous pictures that made it possible for even a Mississippi educated gal (no offensive Mississippi friends) to understand and actually cook successfully.

And, now….THIS!!!!!

Pioneer Woman Cooks will be released October 27 and is available for pre-order from:
Barnes & Noble

In addition, she and the family are going on a Griswold-style Book Tour. Of course, I am hitting the road to go to the one closest to me. For all of you other PW followers/mutual bloggy friends, are you planning on going to a book signing? Check out her site for a list of locations.

If you have no idea what to make for dinner tonight or want to make something extra special for that hunky park ranger, I mean husband or main squeeze in your life, check out Ree’s Tasty Kitchen website, it’s FABULOUS!

Going to make Penne a la Betsy, scrumptious!
The Park Wife


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