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A Wise Man Builds His House Upon A Rock

Armed with Skin So Soft, poison ivy wash and a portable DVD player (kid sitter when it gets very hot), we headed back to the mountains to work on our cabin. This time, fortunately, I did not have to dig massive holes in the ground, Big Buckaroo took it easy on me.

Prior to being at the historical park where we reside, we were at a mountain park that the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) helped build. History lesson: The CCC was a public work relief program for unemployed men, focused on natural resource conservation from 1933 to 1942. As part of the New Deal legislation proposed by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR), the CCC was designed to aid relief of high unemployment stemming from the Great Depression while carrying out a broad natural resource conservation program on national, state and municipal lands.

They constructed rustic, rock-and-timber buildings and massive lodges, they were highly skilled artisans. So, when some of these rock structures need to be replaced or new ones added to look as if they were built back in CCC time, who do they call? Mr. F.

And, when it was time to build a firm foundation for our cabin, we called Mr. F who is definitely an artisan.

Welcome to the Rock (say that with your best Sean Connery voice, I love that movie!) I was in awe of how it was like a puzzle that he was putting together.

Here, one of his apprentices (which is also one of his nephews) works on the mortar. It made me think about how many of these types of things are a lost art as kids grow up only wanting to be doctors and lawyers and make a ton of money.

Mr. F shared his expertise with the Buckaroos, I hope they find a skill they are passionate about and are as skilled at as Mr. F.
He showed Littlest Buckaroo how to choose a rock and place it.

He is very proud of his work.

A few of the front pillars are quiet tall and level. It’s amazing, I can’t even get a cake to look level.

Not to be out done by Littlest Buckaroo, Little Buckaroo works on a pillar. Yep, they talked Mr. F’s ear off, so he had to put them to work. But, what a wonderful thing for them to watch and learn. Maybe they can take over the show Rock Solid, well, after they decide to not be pirates anymore.

Isn’t that beautiful? The picture makes it look lopsided, but it is straight, it is me that is a little crooked. That is not the first time that I have been a little off kilter.
Twenty (20) of them later (this picture does not show all 20, they were not done when I took my chigger-bitten children home), we are ready to start putting some sticks on these babies.

I look forward to sharing with you what we have decided to name our place in the woods and the progress on the cabin. Come back and visit The Park Wife, I have missed you guys! (hey a comment here and there is appreciated, sorry to beg.)

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