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2009 Festival Complete

The annual festival at the park was this past weekend and it was a huge success. Crafts, entertainment, cholesterol raising food, and of course, the kids fun area where we spent a good bit of time. Fortunately, the nice lady that owns all of the blow-up jumping arenas and other kid magnet fun was kind enough to allow the Buckaroos to partake in the fun for free (although we tried to pay her, she would not take it).

Little Buckaroo and the Diva in Training had a blast.

Littlest Buckaroo had to be in on the fun too!

The lady with the rock wall was more than happy to see our warrior push his limits. Of course, his daddy was right there to encourage and praise him.
And, although he did not get to the top, he knew he was brave and accomplished a huge task for a 6-year-old.
After going home for a brief rest, the Buckaroo’s decided that they were ready to take the bull by the horn!
Of course, our boys go all out, they had to have on their complete cowboy gear.

And, what was their reward for making it 8 seconds? A huge belt buckle, oh no, much better, ICE CREAM!

Not to mention the lovely Mardi Gras beads they received for riding the bull??????? Sometimes I just have to go with it.
Littlest Buckaroo looked up and said, “mom, does this have high fructose corn syrup? It sure is good.”
Yes, life is so sweet and good!
The Park Wife


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