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The Park Wife and The Ranger – Possibilities

Our first date was magical; I knew that he was the one. But, I was not sure that I had made the same impression on him. I had my work cut out for me.

First, I had almost starved the man and secondly because he had been out of a serious, long-term relationship for only a few months and I was about the last thing he needed. That did not deter me a bit though, surprise. I have never been one to back down from a challenge. Was that what this was, a challenge, or was there something different about him?

I knew the answer to that already because every time I thought of him my heart beat faster and it gave me this overwhelming giddy happy feeling. All I could think about was him, of how handsome he was, how he smelled (a little like an airplane, but his manly smell overpowered airline peanuts), those beautiful eyes and the smile that lit up the room. Now, Big Buckaroo is not the one that would be the center of attention at a party, he is not loud or overbearing. He has a strong inner peacefulness and confidence that exudes from him and partnered with his good looks, yep, I could not let him go.

I was walking in the clouds on Monday when I went to work. Of course, Pat had to have all the scoop and she was genuinely glad that I was happy. Then, in her motherly love for me cautioned me to be careful, she had watched me go through some dead end relationships that she predicted early, oh the wisdom that woman has.

I spoke to him on the phone that next week and invited him to come back whenever he could. The next Tuesday, nine days from our first date, he agreed to come to Memphis for the day. Maybe I had made an impression on him, but I had to promise to feed him this time. But, I could not cook, what was I to do?

He drove three hours to get there, not complaining at all about the long trip. It is amazing that I have been an event planner in my past career because, yet again, I did not have a plan for his visit. So, when he arrived at my apartment, he came in and there was an awkward moment of what in the world are we going to talk about? That passed very quickly after we sat down on the couch and started talking. This date began our date pattern, sitting for hours talking on my couch and later, well, that is for another installment. Now, get your mind out of the gutter!

It was getting late and I offered for him to stay on the couch so he did not have to drive back so late, he looked at me with a strange look, the one I now know is the “I can’t believe that came out of The Park Wife’s mouth” look and quickly let me know that would not be appropriate and he loaded up his Wrangler wearing behind and headed back to his mountain park.

Things were going well, but could I soften his hardened heart from the only real relationship he had been in that was full of hurt and pain. Was he ready for me?