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Family, Father’s Day, Fun!

We spent an extraordinary extended weekend at our land, camping out, clearing our cabin site, and itching. Alright, I have pretty much kept the poison ivy at bay this time but the chiggers and ticks did me in. Is this what I signed up for people? Well, I guess I did when I married a park ranger.

When we got there, this little piece of the property was covered in cedar trees, poison ivy, vines, and other stuff that made it impossible to even walk through it. With a lot of blood (from vines), sweat (from the heat and brush fire) and tears (are we done yet? I am itching), we have it cleared a bit. This is the area where we will build our sustainable cabin in the woods.

A special surprise! Big Buckaroo’s dad along with his two sisters came to visit and got suckered into helping out. The Buckaroo’s wanted to be like their Pops and have a bandanna on to keep the sweat out of their eyes. They then turned into David headbands and they played David and Goliath most of the day. Hey, whatever keeps them busy. They were troopers, they did not whine or complain about being outside watching the adults work for 3 days, plus, we forgot to bring toys along and the DVD battery was dead. So, they had to make their own fun, and they DID!

This is a spring fed creek that we go through to get to the building site.

If our home or cabin ever burns down, there is no need to investigate, I would be a horrible arsonist. It took work to get the brush to burn, thank goodness Pops was there to start and man the fire or the piles would still be sitting there.

And, here is our big creek. We had a great time cooling off in the COLD water and the Buckaroo’s had plenty of rocks to throw in the water.

This will be our back yard area, the picture does not do it justice. I will try to do better next time!

We returned to the creek to wash off and cool off before heading home. It was a wonderful weekend filled with what is important to us ~ our family, our land, hard work and most of all, working on our dream!

The Park Wife