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Home Sweet Home

Although I had a great girls weekend going to a homeschool convention, I was so glad to get home! I missed my guys terribly. They had a blast, boys weekend was a huge success. From cooking hotdogs on the chimanea, hide-n-seek, using up all the sidewalk chalk on “roads” to ride their bikes on, wrestling, learning about chainsaw maintenance (o.k. this one was a little out there) and just general outside play all day, life is good! Plus, I did not walk into an overly messy house.

The play continued after I arrived home with dad building a “soccer goal”.

The Buckaroos take a break for a picture between scoring goals.

Wow, look at that dribbling action, he is a natural.

Littlest Buckaroo was right in there, of course, he was not going to let a little ‘ole soccer ball get the best of him.

The boys had fun, Big Buckaroo enjoyed one-on-one time with his little guys and I got to get a little away time. It was a great weekend all around, well except for the fact that my body is covered with poison ivy. I could whine for a while about this, but let’s just say, it is miserable. Mind over matter, right? I keep trying to not think about it, but it gets so bad I just want to scratch. During my quiet time this morning instead of opening the Bible where I had been studying, I felt I needed to open it to Job. Poison ivy is nothing compared to his troubles and he praised the Lord through it all. So, every time I think I can’t handle it anymore and start acting pitiful, I think of Job (and then go put on some anti-itch cream).

More on my homeschool convention weekend later,
The Park Wife


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