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Cowboy Up!

It was a cowboy kind of day yesterday.

Littlest Buckaroo wears his gun belt and hat the majority of the day and Little Buckaroo decided he would indulge his brother by tearing himself away from his trains and play cowboy with him.

Whoa horse!

Our dog Lucky is a little, let’s call him, um, wild. However, he is pretty patient at times with the buckaroos. This is about as far as the “horse” riding went. Lucky ran off in a tizzy wondering why in the world that kid would try to get on his back.
That did not stop Little Buckaroo, he improvised with his stick horse on his bike. It was a little hard to turn left since the stick was blocking his handle bars, but it was fun for him to ride around in a circle.

I feel very safe with the Buckaroo’s on duty. Little Buckaroo is very serious about his job of protecting the homestead.

Littlest Buckaroo just likes to shoot at everything. The dog, mules in the pasture, goats, vehicles, nothing is safe. He even shoots me and then says “I shoot the princess” (what his daddy calls me), however he does apologize right after he shoots me. A cowboy with manners, you can’t beat that.

A good friend of mine that I used to work with BB (Before Buckaroos) is driving to see us today with her children. Her son is bringing some old football pads for Little Buckaroo to wear while they throw the football. From cowboy one day to football player the next, he is so diverse.

Have a wonderful day,

The Park Wife


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