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First Woodworking Project


We are going back to our newly acquired land this weekend! Now, we are still working on a road into where we plan to build the cabin and we are a ways out from breaking ground. But, there are things that we need to have while we are out there working, especially with 2 little boys. So, Big Buckaroo constructed this:

Isn’t it great. A place to sit and eat!!!! Now I have to put a coat of paint on the bench seats today, but I had to wait because my awesome hubby routed our names into the benches! I just imagine one day adding the Little Buckaroo’s wives names and then their kids names to it (in that order I pray). It is big, sturdy, very nice and well, very heavy. Although Big Buckaroo will take it apart, it is going to be HARD getting it to the campsite (remember the road is not complete).

There is plenty of room for guests, so pack a picnic and head this way! (you can help carry it in to the campsite while I direct, hehe)

The Park Wife