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Are those specks of gray hair?

Oh no, Miss Clairol has not let me down, it is glitter.

I am covered in glitter, purple and pink paint, and there are butterflies and daisy’s all over my house. No, I have not been drinking drinks with colorful little umbrellas in them, I am helping our church prepare for Girls of Grace Nation simulcast this Saturday. This is a wonderful ministry of the group Point of Grace.

Girls of Grace Nation offers teenage girls a day of straight-talk, encouragement, laughter, and music, not to mention personal and spiritual growth.

We are all very excited and well, tired. But, I know it is going to be an extraordinary day! Needless to say, I will not post tomorrow because I am going to be washing glitter out of my hair and then going to the conference.

Have a blessed weekend!
The Park Wife


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