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Deep in the Heart of Texas

I am preparing to leave for the weekend, without husband nor children. Yes, this will be the first time in 6 years that I have been away for a weekend without a pack-n-play, goldfish snacks, or G-rated DVD’s in my car. Yes, you read this right, I have never spent a weekend without my kids in almost 6 years!!!!!!

My friend and frequent blog visitor, fairygodmotherdee, has invited, um begged, and even thrown in a little whining to intice me to take a weekend away from the Buckaroos. There is a purpose behind her begging, I mean invitation. She and her hubby have adopted a high school boy and their spare room contents are now primarily on her bedroom floor and the rest is scattered in other areas of the house. Her house has become a HUGE stress point in her life.

Since I have an organizational gene, I am going to go and pretend to be one of the organizers on Mission Organization. I will take alot of pictures of before and after for the blog. Fairygodmother said I would get alot to talk about for the next few weeks on my blog from this weekend away.

Wish me luck bringing order to chaos, restoring some order and harmony, while visiting with a very dear friend. Um, well, I hope she will still be my friend after I make her get rid of that Mr. Potato Head collection, paper clip tower, and church bulletins from the last year (o.k. I may be exagerating a bit).

Until Next week,
The Park Wife