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Cowboy Up!

Wild at Heart

Littlest Buckaroo wears his gun belt all day long and his hat most of the day. I have put that belt on a zillion times this past week. Sometimes, frankly, it just wears me out, but it is so cute.

However, this cowboy stage is a great teaching tool and Big Buckaroo and I should and are trying to take advantage of this window of teachable moments.

Through his daily “cowboying up” I can expound on his strength of adventure– allowing it, encouraging it and experiencing it. “The Way of the Wild at Heart” by John Eldredge says, “Christian men and boys need something “epic” for which to fight, something beyond themselves worth giving their lives for with abandon.” I want them to fight for what is right and good in this world, a world that seems to be filled with so many grey areas.

Although it is hard and stresses my tee-tiny brain, these opportunities will mold the Buckaroos. I want them to know hard work, how to feed their soul with God’s word, where living intentionally is key, for much is at stake.

I want my boys to be able to answer in the affirmative to “do I have what it takes/can I handle this?”

And, to live it.

Git along, little dogies.
The Park Wife