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Super Soul Day

In honor of the Superbowl yesterday, we spent the day celebrating with football and food.

First, there had to be a game of football in the yard. Little Buckaroo has a strong arm and is very smart, he will be in the NFL as a quarterback soon.

Littlest Buckaroo will play on the same team as wide receiver. I don’t know how Olivia Manning does it when she has to watch Peyton and Eli play each other.

Little Buckaroo is so good to play with and teach his brother, he is very patient.

And, this is the thanks he gets, tackled by Littlest Buckaroo.

Backyard football just wears you out. Actually, Littlest Buckaroo loves playing “Walker, Texas Ranger”. After being shot he lays there until someone kisses him to wake him up.

We over-indulged on football food. The first course was seven layer dip while the…

…bacon wrapped jalapenos with onion and cream cheese were cooking. Yum!

Then, Hot Wings with freshly made Ranch dressing. Are you getting hungry? I am not because Big Buckaroo and I ate WAY too much! We also has Kielbasa sausage cooked on the grill but I was so full I could not get up to go out and take a picture of those.

I am very sorry for you die hard Patriot fans. We pulled for the Giants, of course, since we had a Mississippi boy (Eli played at Ole Miss) quarterbacking. Mostly though, the day was about being together as a family and making some wonderful memories. Operation Super Soul Day complete.
Until tomorrow,
The Park Wife