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Fish Slapping?

Today is grocery shopping day and it just wears me out, not the kids because they handle a 1 1/2 hour Wallyworld trip like pros. It is just the whole list planning, getting there and going down every isle, yes every food isle sees our bright shining Friday morning faces every other Friday. If I do not do this, I will inevitably forget something, even though it is on the list.

Oh, and the list, it is like doing Algebra to me, it wears me out. There is no reason to put numbers and letters together in Algebra and there is no reason to put butter on the list next to sour cream. Well, except for the fact that I usually have to ALWAYS backtrack for something I forgot on the very first isle. One day I am going to become a grocery list expert… but not today.

The Buckaroos always make it fun and exciting. One day last year I was checking out the various kinds of rice when I heard a VERY loud little boy voice, um coming from my basket, screaming “EVIL PEOPLE, STOP LYING, STOP STEALING AND STOP SLAPPING PEOPLE WITH FISHES” (Veggie Tales Jonah, my favorite, yeah right).

My eyes are huge at this point and I looked around and there were only a few people on our isle, but I know he could be heard at least over in produce and probably over at the eye center.

This day began the Wallyworld preaching stage that Little Buckaroo went through. This happened often with sometimes the same fish message but then other times he would just preach on whatever he wanted. One of his favorite things was to yell when you first walk in Wallyworld where you get your basket because it has great acoustics and his 4-year-old little self knew that was the best place to tell the evil people to stop littering.

So, yes, I am the mom of the preaching kid on isle 7. But, in the end, I am alright with it because believe me, I have heard some things come out of kids mouths in Wallyworld that would send me right to the soap isle if they were my kids.

Oh, and by the way, I don’t think you can count Little Buckaroos Wallyworld sermon as your worship for the week, it has been tried and did not cut it.

Happy Shopping,
The Park Wife