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Land Not Before Our Time

…I know, too many dinosaur movies.

If you remember, a few weeks ago Big Buckaroo and I had 16 hours alone without children for the first time in 5 years. We were trekking around looking for that perfect piece of land to build our much dreamed of cabin, a get-a-way place for us to make wonderful memories with our boys and a tangible legacy to leave to them. Well, after 6 years of on and off looking, we have found it and we will be closing on this wonderful piece of land next Friday. Now, all of you who are saying “they live on a state park, why would they want to getaway?” Well, since we do live on the park it is like my husband is always at work and believe me, he needs a place to go to re-group, center himself and for our family to adventure together.

We are so excited, um and a little scared because this is our nest egg. The piece of land is secluded, has a small pond on it and a beautiful creek. It is everything we have been wanting and more. We have seen many pieces of land over these years that”just is not right”, was “out of our price range” or “just did not work out for some crazy reason”. This just goes to show you that you must be patient and wait on God’s timing, His plan.

So, we will be doing some camping for a while as we work on the cabin, and when I say cabin, this is a modest, solar powered cabin. It will not be something that will be featured on the front of Log Home Living, maybe Shack in the Woods magazine will do a two page spread on us when it is finished in 2020.

You will be seeing much more about this in the future. We give Him all the praise and glory!

Until tomorrow,
The Park Wife