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If you like to talk to tomatoes- Um, no.

Since we try to be choosy of what the Buckaroos watch, we went through a long, oh, I mean long Veggie Tale stage when Littlest Buckaroo was younger. If I saw Larry the Cucumber with an oven mitt on his head one more time, I thought I would reach through the screen and make some fabulous cucumber sandwiches out of that whiny pickle. Thank goodness Little Buckaroo was tired of them and Littlest Buckaroo is too busy playing guns (moms without boys, don’t judge. If you don’t give your boys a gun to play with, they will make one).

So, needless to say, I have been rebelling and did not even tell Little Buckaroo about the Veggie Tale’s new movie, “The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything.” Now, of course the closest movie theatre is about 35 miles away so it really has not been on my top 10 things to do….until….Chicken Friend, my dear sweet Chicken Friend, called and said she was taking her divine Miss M and H-Baby and wanted to know if we wanted to go.

I was on the treadmill when she called and had only been on there for about 10 minutes, I thought that it was the perfect excuse to put off exercising… again. Could I count this as 2 servings of vegetables for the day? So, we hurriedly got ready, as hurriedly as you can with 2 little ones and of course from my heart rate inducing 10 minutes on the treadmill, I had to shower.

We headed out and made it to the theatre for the first showing which was packed. Any seasoned homeschooler knows not to venture out on public school holiday days, but, well, I am not very seasoned.

There were some very cute moments and great action scenes (not like Die Hard kind of action, but action none the less). Although it was not based on a Bible story, the symbolism of many of the “characters” were very good. I have got to give it to those vegetables, they saved the day and do not even have arms.

However, there were these killer cheese curls, yes, cheese curls with ferocious little mouths. They freaked me out and Little Buckaroo was very disturbed by them, that is all he has talked about all day.

It was fun because we got to be with Chicken Friend and her girls, but next time there is a Veggie Tales movie on the big screen, I might opt for a V-8.


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