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Blessing of a Wonderful Grandma

Grandma is getting her payback for all those times I would not eat my peas, was a “little” late for curfew (which rarely happened because I was the ugh-um “perfect” daughter), and for all those times she and daddy had to move me all over the southeastern United States (about 10 times). She blazes into our home and becomes over-indulgent, super fun Grandma (cue the Superwoman tune).

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my mother and appreciate all her sacrifices for me, like all the cheerleading uniforms, the “little extras” during college, indulging and supporting me when I wanted to be a soccer star, flight attendent (it did not last but about 6 months), etc. — for all the many things she did for me to help me become the woman I am today (I am talking about the positive stuff, I only blame her for the bad stuff when I want something-hehe).

I am so glad that as a small consolation for all her hard work is that she has grandchildren that adore her. Little Buckaroo thinks Grandma is the greatest, as you can see by his Fence Vigil waiting for her to arrive last week.

I am never suprised when Grandma does whatever the boys want, from dinosaur play, to hide and seek, to a million games of Go Fish. I just walk by, shake my head, and wonder…did she play 43 games of Go Fish in a row with me? Then, my thoughts change to, oh no, Little Buckaroo is going to want me to hold up to Grandma’s play standards when she leaves.

Later, as I walked into the kitchen, I was not suprised a bit at the high tech gadget Grandma had made, who needs expensive toys, just give the boys some cups with a string connecting them. It went from “cup communicators” to a volleyball net, to a way to pull Littlest Buckaroo around the kitchen. I sure wish I still had the Christmas toy receipts, I could return their gifts and just buy a couple of packs of Dixie cups.

We were sad to see to see fun Grandma leave for Mississippi this morning. Especially me since I did not wash any clothes or dishes while she was here. Since we live in Park land, in a different state from all our family, it is nice to have Grandma visit. She plays with the boys constantly while cleaning, it is amazing.

See that huge smile, could it be that she has two of the sweetest boys on Earth in her arms? or is she thinking, I get to go home and rest now!

Sigh, yawn…I am back on duty full-time.

Just wait until the Little Buckaroos have kids, it will be payback time!