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Fa La La La – BooHoo

I am back into my holiday focus full swing with the birthday party behind me. Let’s talk mantle’s. Well, Big Buckaroo decided that the mantle I decorated last week could be a fire hazard when he turned on the gas fireplace. I told him that after all the work I did that was a chance I was willing to take. But, the park ranger in him told me that only I could prevent forest fires. So, down came the cedar and berries as I thought ugly things about Smokey the Bear. Now, I really love holiday time – sitting in my living room at night with all the holiday lights on snuggled up by the fireplace, or with a down comforter around me if I would have been able to leave the cedar up there. My mother-in-law was in town for the buckaroos birthday party and I was telling her of my dilemma. She too thought that Smokey the Bear is over-rated. The morning of the birthday party I told her this was just not going to get it. I could not stand looking at my Charlie Brown Christmas tree (which chicken friend’s little girl dubbed the “naked” tree) and nothing else decorated. Of course, there were things I had forgotten for the party and had asked my very talented at decorating mother-in-law if maybe she could grab some magnolia leaves and help out the very sparsely decorated room while I went to town to pick up a few things. So, I left for town and when I returned, mother-in-law had saved Christmas!

It is good to have a talented mother-in-law!

Now to the Boo Hoo part. My five year old little buckaroo has gone to spend the night with his mimi and grandpa 2 hours away. O.K. some of you are saying, “So?” Well, in his 5 years he has only been away from me 4 nights; one when I was in the hospital having his little brother, two nights when I was helping take care of my daddy when he was sick and one night when he and his daddy went camping. So, there was alot of crying as they were pulling out of the driveway. How am I going to handle him going off to college? Thank goodness I have a few years to prepare for that. Of course, when we talked to him last night he was having a great time and said he was going to stay 10 days. Yeah, right. I will be going to get him today or tomorrow, I miss that little fella. My world is just not right if my little buckaroos and big buckaroo aren’t around.