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A Child’s Heart

Do you ever have those days when you wonder, “are my kids getting it”? I question myself often, but then there are those glimmers, sometimes fireworks, those aha! moments when Little Buckaroo shows me that my quest to train his heart is working.

Little Buckaroo has been going to AWANA for a year and a half now. The whole time he has had a best friend there named L. Well, L was born without half of one of his legs and has an artificial limb. I knew this but did not feel that I should say anything at the beginning of the year because then Little Buckaroo would focus on that. So, I waited until the right time. It got warmer in the Spring and L began wearing shorts. Still, Little Buckaroo did not say anything. So, one night on the way home I asked him how Cubbies was. He, in his 4-year-old mentality, first told me what they had for snacks, one of his favorite parts of the night. Deprived little boy rarely gets sugary snacks at home so snack time is a big deal. Then, he was telling me about game time. The competitive ex-soccer player I am said, “oh, did your team win?” He said,” win? mom, we just played this game where you run around a circle and go pick-up a bean bag. Nobody wins.” Of course, I was back-peddling in my mind- he had the right mentality, I didn’t. Before I could formulate the PROPER response, he continued on to tell me that L.’s leg fell off during game time. I said, “oh, was he alright?” I thought…Here we go, I am ready for this. Focus, focus, train his heart. Little Buckaroo in his sweet innocence said, “Mom, L. is my best friend, its o.k. that his legs are not like mine, that is why I slow down and run with him during game time all the time. Anyway, Mr. Jason just put it back on and we kept playing.” There was a big pause, I was formulating my praise and mini-sermon on how he is to always to take care of those smaller and weaker than him just as he does L. Before I could open my mouth, Little Buckaroo had moved on with “mom, did I tell you I got to have OREOs tonight?” I just giggled and said, “that is so great, what a great night you had.” Enough said.

“Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” Proverbs 4:23


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