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No Petticoat For Me, Thanks.

In the role of Best Supportive Park Wife, the award goes to, ME -The Park Wife! I sucked myself into an 1860s dress last night and helped at the Christmas event at the Park. It was a beautiful evening, the Park looked spectacular and I believe everyone enjoyed themselves. So, here are some pictures. We will do this again next weekend, so I will spend a bit more time on taking pictures to share.

Here I am in my dress, the picture does not show it, but I do have on a full hoop skirt. You should have seen me driving down the road to the Park with that on. I could barely see the road!Speaking of driving down the road, the picture looks real authentic 1860s with that SUV driving behind us? The gentleman with me is one of our park characters, I mean staff.

I took this picture because I love this room in one of the houses. If I was a little girl during the late 1800s, I would have wanted this room.

Luminaries lit up the roads in the Park, here is a circular drive to one of the houses.
That is a magnificent magnolia tree in the middle.

Another home on the Park, these plank wood sidewalks that you see here are throughout the Park. Also, see the wreaths on the windows? Those are a few of the 262 that were handmade here for the event.

I love these old doors going into the courthouse, aren’t they fabulous?

More dress-up pictures to come next week.