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Littlest Buck’s Arrival

Two years and nine months ago, we moved from a beautiful mountain park to this historical park. On the day of moving, the maintenance staff cut down a gumball tree and it fell on our gas meter and busted it, no gas means no hot water or oven. I also found out I was pregnant and my father-in-law who came to help ended up staying over two weeks. Needless to say, it was a bit stressful. Fast forward about nine months, it was a Thursday – Little Buckaroo was napping (oh, those were the days) and I was rushing to get our Christmas tree decorated before he woke up. My C-section was planned for the next Tuesday, so I had a few days to get everything ready. Big Buck was at the Park right in the middle of preparing for their annual Christmas event. I had indulged myself and made Rice Krispies treats. So, a little holiday music, a rice Krispies treat and a beautiful tree (well, somewhat, I will tell you the history of our Charlie Brown Christmas trees in a later blog), I was really getting into the holiday spirit. I heard little buckaroo moving around and he came into the living room. As we were accustomed to doing, I picked him up to sit in my lap and snuggle for a few minutes. Right at that moment, my water broke. This could not be happening, my hair was not fixed, nor was my make-up. Had I shaved my legs? So, I called the Park and my husband came home to rush me to the hospital that is about half an hour away. Just as with my first baby, as soon as my water broke, my contractions started and were only about 3 – 4 minutes apart. I could not believe this, the planner that I am had everything set for next Tuesday’s C-section, I was very upset my plans were being altered. But, not as upset as I was when I got to the hospital and they said I would have to wait 8 hours from the time I had eaten that dang Rice Krispies treat. Yes, you heard me right, because I had eaten something, they had to wait 8 hours which meant LABOR! After one of the contractions I did offer to throw up the Rice Krispies treat, but the nurse just rolled her eyes. She evidentially had not ever been in labor. The atrocities! The gall of that anesthesiologist! Despite my change of plans, oh and the pain, 2 years ago today God blessed us with our Littlest Buckaroo. He is full of life, funny, and sweet and I am a better person because I am his mommy. Happy Birthday Littlest Buckaroo!


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